Arc Flash Study

In accordance with NFPA70E, EDB Inc. conducts arc flash studies to calculate the incident energy and arc flash boundary for each location of a given power distribution system. Protective clothing category requirements are then specified for working near energized systems. Warning labels are provided and are placed on the system equipment. The arc flash label lists important information such as Flash Hazard Boundary, Incident Energy and the given Working Distance, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Hazard Category, and the boundaries for Limited, Restricted and Prohibited Approaches.

Thermal Surveys

Thermal imaging, or thermography, detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects. These changes allow the user to discover problems prior to a catastrophic failure which usually results in costly downtime -- or can allow maintenance personnel to monitor developing (less severe) problems so repairs can be scheduled during planned downtimes. More specifically, electrical failures can be pre-detected. Thermal Imaging cameras are very sophisticated and can detect an increase in temperature within a given conductor -- usually caused by either a failed component, corrosion, or a loose connection.

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