At EDB, Inc. employee safety is our number one priority. Our owners, project managers and foremen stress safety on a daily basis - not weekly. The most common injuries for our trade are dust/debris in the eyes, muscle pulls, hand injuries, drivers training, etc. We emphasize the basics in safety with the intent to reduce/eliminate the vital few issues as well as take care of the trivial many. Vehicle and equipment safety is another area of concern and an area where we place great emphasis. Each and every meeting at EDB begins with a safety game plan, so every employee knows the commitment of our management with regards for a safe work environment. One example of EDB's emphasis on safety is with our ladder and conduit racks. Each EDB van is equipped with an ergonomic ladder rack and conduit rack - making it easier and less stressful for an employee to remove equipment from the top of their work van. We incorporate ergonomically safe bins and have an "in-house" stocking procedure to reduce body stress when retrieving parts. EDB has a written safety program detailing our commitment. Upon request EDB will provide a copy to given customers. We cover topics including but not limited to, lock/out tag-out, eye-protection, head protection, fall protection, heavy equipment operation, tool operation (power and mechanical), confined space, and substance abuse -- to name a few. EDB, Inc. will welcome any opportunity to discuss our safety policy with any present or future customer.